Our Approach

Through Woodcliffe Associates Matt and Andy want to encourage and support the next generation of entrepreneurs - people who could be the next Greene, Dyson, or Branson (...Bond or Harrison!). These are the people and companies who will build a stronger economy for the future, who understand and embrace the idea of long-term growth through people, innovation and values. Woodcliffe Associates can help these companies achieve their ambitions and accelerate them to the next level without losing their core values.

We passionately believe in putting the customer first at a time when too many companies are fixated on short-term financial success. We’re all about the long game – investing in ideas and people right now to create value over the long term.

Both Matt and Andy believe in the intangible aspects of business that don’t always show up on a balance sheet. The gut instinct for going after a good idea; the positive impact of motivating your people and moving as a team; and the virtue of doing the right thing even if it’s not the most obvious or easy thing to do. It is these things that will drive long-term success.

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